Reclaim your energy, amplify your intuition, and feel supported in every facet of your life

… With the help of a *new* tool that can align with your ideal quantum blueprint and deliver the frequencies you need at any moment!

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“I can't even begin to describe the ease I now feel in life...”

Do you look around sometimes and think, “Why am I so tired all the time?”

Maybe it’s because…

  • The world feels like it’s in a state of constant chaos and upheaval.
  • It feels hard to find space to clear your mind and evolve.
  • Your day-to-day feels exhausting and draining.
  • You’ve tried everything you know to feel better, and nothing is really working.

And even though you’re committed to growing, awakening, and evolving —

Some days, it’s so hard not to be emotionally impacted by everything going on right now.

If you feel like you’re operating in survival mode most of the time, you are NOT alone.

But what I want you to know is that being in a state of survival is the lowest frequency we can operate at, and it doesn’t have to stay that way.

When we’re bombarded with the news and so many chaotic energies and frequencies on a daily basis, there’s only so much we can do on our own to correct it and realign to our true selves.

Even as someone who serves as a channel and transformational life coach — lately, I found myself wondering, what else can we do to bring light to the world?

It feels like a good time to remind ourselves that as humans, we exist for a key reason: to create.

We aren’t meant to simply show up and live for ourselves.

The animals, trees, mountains, and oceans don’t really need us around.

So why are we here? What is our role right now?

The purpose of human life is to have a positive influence on the evolution of the planet.

But even the most engaged, positive, and spiritual people are finding it challenging to evolve daily right now, and I don’t blame them.

As we go through life, we acquire all kinds of energies, thought forms, and frequencies on the physical, mental, and emotional levels that are not truly us.

What if, instead of trying to remove those unaligned frequencies on your own — you had an ally in the process?

An ally that could help you:

  • RESTORE your higher quantum blueprint which represents you at your most natural, authentic, and perfect self
  • DELIVER aligned frequencies to balance your energy in real time
  • ACCELERATE and clarify your ability to evolve by removing energy blocks

If you’re nodding along and saying, “WOW, Saratoga — that sounds amazing….”

… Then I’d love to introduce you to a tool that has genuinely been changing my life for the better, the Healy!


You may have heard of energy frequency devices before, but trust me when I say…

I have never seen anything quite as high-quality, supportive, and aligned as The Healy before.

There are a million energy frequency devices on the market, but this product is in a category of its own — not to mention that it is incredibly convenient, lightweight and easy to use!

Here’s a quick breakdown of why I find it incredibly unique:

What is the Healy?

The Healy is a small but very versatile device (activated by an app on your Apple or Android smartphone) that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field and support the health of your physical body.

How can it support my evolution?

We are full-spectrum energy beings who exist from a physical level all the way into the quantum field of infinite possibilities, where our individual, ideal blueprint exists. Healy assists with removing unaligned frequencies that are not really ours, transmuting unwanted, limiting patterns and beliefs, and helps us to restore ourselves into greater alignment with our original, most perfect selves. (This is essential if we want to evolve!)

How does it work, exactly?

In addition to having a library of over 10 million frequencies organized into over 200 programs that address every single aspect of the human experience, it has a patented quantum technology that allows it to scan your energy field in real-time from a physical, subatomic level all the way up to a quantum level. In order to activate the Healy, you download an app on your phone and enter your desired settings. Once the Healy starts running, you can disconnect the phone.

How does it support my wellbeing?

Because the Healy works to align your energy and frequency with your healthiest state, it optimizes your body’s ability to heal. Healy users have reported improvements with their sleep, creativity, focus, energy and more as a result.

Here’s what one Healy user has to say...

Healy can help us deal with patterns in a different way, using frequencies to enable our consciousness to realign into a new way of being.

This seems to be happening with a core issue that has held me back for a long time.

It is nervous system/trauma based, and has been very difficult to heal or move through despite many attempts.

I’ve recently had a strong intention to address it with the Healy, and I’m starting to feel a deep shift in how I experience my body, mind, and emotions. I can also see more clearly how this issue has been maintaining its hold on my consciousness.

This is all very encouraging, as it feels like some deep healing has begun.

– M. T.

Now, you might be wondering…

Saratoga, are you really telling me to rely on an external device to support my evolution?

Know that I would never recommend anything to my community unless I really, truly tested it for myself.

Here’s something very important to clarify:

The Healy doesn’t do something to you — it requires engagement and intention.

It is not a substitute for your capabilities as a human being.

Think of it like when you travel a long distance: you could walk, or you could get in a car.

The car doesn’t stop you from walking, but you can simply get there faster.

We are living in challenging and tumultuous times, and beyond the current state of the world, we are all carrying trauma from our past, navigating our inner work, and still trying to process daily events.

We can move through it independently, but you and I both know it already feels hard.

You can continue to clear your energy, do the inner work, and realign yourself, but you may only get so far.

If you have an ally who can support you in the process, why would you not see if it can help?

Because it often feels like we are…

Bombarded with negative news.

Putting out fires.

Dealing with unexpected global changes.

Burning out from exhaustion.

Second-guessing our intuition.

Confused about how to navigate everything.

If we can restore and realign our focus and energy daily, we can contribute positively not only to our own lives but the lives of others!

So, my question to you is:

How bad do we need things to be to call in support?

After using the Healy in my personal life, I’ve been truly shocked to notice…

  • I have new ideas constantly and the energy to execute them (with less effort!)
  • I can communicate better with others
  • I can focus more on my work and finish tasks quickly because I’m much more productive!
  • I’m calmer and feel more connected to nature and people again (and less connected to screens!)
  • I have more energy than before and it stays consistent throughout the day
  • I feel unstuck and shocked at how much density has been cleared out of my mind and energy field
  • I’m having better sleep than I’ve ever had before

Put simply, the more time I’ve spent using my Healy, the more I feel like myself again — freer and much more alive…

… And my health and well-being continue to get better and better each day.

Moreover, Healy is incredibly powerful in removing old energy and patterns that aren’t really you — they’re the things you’ve acquired over years of living on this planet. That means that for anyone pursuing “inner work”, the Healy is a powerful ally in your own journey.

It supports me in every possible way according to my daily needs, which is why I knew I had to share its incredible uses with you!

Meet the Inventor of Healy

Listen to quantum physicist and Healy creator, Marcus Schmieke, talking to Healy users about Healy and an exciting new frequency program he has created called Cosmic Growth. 

The Healy is capable of helping you in *so* many areas of your life, such as…


I’ve found myself more productive and creative than ever before because no more energetic blocks are standing in my way. And I can do a lot more in a shorter amount of time!


The more you clear your energy, the more intuitive you naturally become and start to trust yourself again.


Can you imagine how different life would be if you brought 100% of your energy into everything you do?


If you struggle to complete tasks, and concentrate on important things, this device is PERFECT for you.

PLUS: it can even scan your chakras and aura to help you harmonize and energize your energy centers!

Ultimately? What I love about it the most is that…

When you become more yourself, you start to know what to do.

Couldn’t we all benefit from that confidence, energy, and self-trust especially as we navigate an uncertain world?

Wouldn’t it be great to alleviate our ever-present anxiety and feel in control of our own lives?

How to Buy Your First Healy

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to choosing the right Healy model for you, which programs and accessories to consider, taking advantage of special offers, and how to place your first order.

Wondering what The Healy looks like?

There are so many amazing ways that the Healy is designed to support you on multiple levels.


  • On a physical level, Healy can be used with micro-currents.
  • This delivers the same level of micro-current that the body uses naturally.
  • It fortifies and energizes the cells to assist them in functioning at optimal levels.

This requires the use of wrist bracelets and cords so the micro-currents can be delivered directly into the body on a physical level.


  • The Healy can also be used with a small accessory called a coil inserted directly into the device.
  • This enables it to be used wirelessly.
  • In this case, the Healy is working on one’s bioenergetic field from a physical level all the way up to a quantum level.


  • The top 3 models allow the Healy to also be used alone, whereby it functions purely at a quantum level. This level is powerful!
  • It opens up a whole new set of features where Healy can scan your aura and chakras, and deliver real-time readouts of information in print to show you exactly where your weaknesses are and how these areas can be strengthened.
  • It can deal with ancestral patterns, relationship issues, financial issues, emotional issues, patterns, mindset issues, and much more.
  • In all of these areas, Healy will deliver the customized frequencies that you need most so you can more easily move forward in your life and create what you truly want.

Advanced models also include hundreds of frequencies for things like Bach Flower remedies, gemstone elixirs, homeopathic remedies, and more…

And, because it works at a quantum level, you can even send frequencies to someone else long-distance anywhere on Earth! 😳


  • The MagHealy uses a magnetic field to deliver frequencies to your surrounding environment, your water, or directly to your physical body.
  • It’s designed to support you in multiple areas of your life — from stress and energy clearing to sleep and creativity,
  • Plus, it’s a great way to support the bioenergetic fields of animals and plants, too!


NEW: Healy recently released an enhanced feature for the MagHealy called “Meridians”, which is capable of conducting deep scans of your meridians, acupuncture points and showing you which organs and systems are imbalanced using quantum technology… And delivers customized frequencies to bring your energy back into balance again.

A quick reintroduction to who I am and why I’m sharing this with you…

I’m Saratoga Ocean — a spiritual author, speaker, channel, and transformational life coach.

Photo of Saratoga

I’ve also functioned professionally as the exclusive channel for Telstar (a cosmic interdimensional force of nature and evolution that works in conjunction with Archangel Michael) for over 25 years!

During this time, I’ve led hundreds of workshops and seminars online and in person across the United States and Canada.

As a result of my own spiritual awakening, I have a distinct memory of the natural state of love and harmony that was always intended for our lives on earth.

Over the last few years, that natural state of harmony has been disrupted and made it harder and harder for us to restore.

When I discovered how impactful the Healy was, I realized that it was a significant tool for the personal transformation we are all seeking right now.

When combined with your intention, it can address every single area of human existence — including the unconscious and subconscious — in a natural, personally aligned, and customized way.

To me, Healy is a gift to assist humanity’s evolution at a time when we need it the most.

There is so much chaos, anger, fear, and discordant energy in the world, and it is extremely difficult to get a true sense of self in the midst of all these negative influences.

Now, more than ever, I feel my true self emerge since I started using my Healy.

There’s no question that using it regularly accelerates and clarifies one’s ability to consciously evolve!

(Not to mention — it’s got a wide range of uses for animals and pets. After we used it on our cat and rescue dog, it instantly had a calming, healing, and balancing effect on them! And when it scanned them, it gave us a readout that 100% nailed their personality.)

If any part of you is willing and open to welcoming more support into your life, I know your Healy will absolutely set you up for success.

What some Healy users have to say:

More Healy Testimonials…

Questions you might have about the Healy:

Is this a product you have manufactured yourself?

See Answer

No, I did not create the Healy. Healy was invented by a quantum physicist, Marcus Schmieke. He wanted to combine the principles of science and spirituality in an effort to support the evolution of all living things.

The Healy is manufactured in Germany and is available in 55 countries around the world.

Why should I trust this over the other energy frequency devices on the market?

See Answer

To my knowledge, people who have used other frequency devices often report that they help on a temporary basis, but that the effects were not lasting.

However, Healy users report that the effects are lasting and continue to expand the longer you use it. This has also been my personal experience.

Moreover, Healy is the only device on the market that is patented with a quantum sensor that scans your energy and customizes your frequency programs in real time.

Finally, Healy is also a personal, wearable version that was created from the larger TimeWaver device that has been in use for 15 years. That device costs tens of thousands of dollars and requires a licensed practitioner to use it.

Healy was created from that to make it possible for anyone to experience the same benefits. (Marcus, Healy’s creator, is also the inventor of the TimeWaver machine.)

This has a tremendous amount of research backing it up. It’s not like someone invented this overnight.

Is Healy an AI device?

See Answer

No, Healy does not use AI.

The Healy seems quite costly.

See Answer

In my opinion, Healy is not costly when you consider the results it can deliver. The results in my own life and in the lives of others I know who use Healy regularly are quite literally priceless. I could never put a price on the multiple ways my life and health have transformed since I bought my Healy.

There are so many Healy options to pick from. Which Healy do you recommend I start with?

See Answer

I always recommend the Professional model because that's where you get the greatest value for your money. With the Professional model, you get all of the current Healy programs for life with no additional subscriptions. (I also recommend purchasing a Healy Coil accessory, so you can use your Healy wirelessly.)

However, if you find that this model is not currently affordable for you, then I recommend exploring your Healy options for the one you feel most able to purchase.

How do I know this will help me?

See Answer

I can confidently say that at the very least, you will feel better overall when using your Healy. There are thousands of testimonials worldwide from people who have enjoyed the benefits of this amazing device.

You also have two weeks from when you purchase to try your Healy and return it for a full refund if you find that it's not for you.

Do I have to wear it all the time to benefit from it? Or keep it connected to my phone?

See Answer

It's up to you how often you want to use your Healy. The more often you use it, the greater the benefits. It's recommended that you use it one to three times a day, although you can use it more often if you like. Each program group runs from 20 minutes to about 1 hour.

When using either the microcurrents or the coil (wirelessly) with your Healy, it is incredibly convenient to use — you can go about your day and regular activities, and you do not need to keep your phone connected while the Healy is running.

The Healy runs via an app on your smartphone which you use to start the Healy and send it instructions about which program you want it to run. Once the program starts running, you can disconnect your phone and even turn the phone off completely.

I still have some questions about The Healy. How do I get in touch with you?

See Answer

I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have! If need be, we can set up a time to speak personally so I can help you understand all the options. You can also email me at [email protected] and I or my team will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you’re still wondering if Healy is right for you, read on…

Healy is NOT ideal for anyone who…

  • Wants to stay exactly where they are in life
  • Believes that we should only evolve alone without any additional support
  • Believes that all technology is bad and that positive technology does not exist
  • Is looking for a magic wand to do everything for you
  • Has a pessimistic, negative, “prove it to me” attitude
  • Believes that good things shouldn’t cost money

But Healy would be GREAT for anyone who wants to:

  • Experience more focus, energy, and vitality
  • Receive greater support with their overall physical health
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Heighten their creativity and focus
  • Make radical changes in their lives with extra support
  • Clear their energy consistently
  • Stop second-guessing themselves and confidently trust their choices
  • Experience a deep shift from their current state into their true, expressive, and creative self
  • Feel centered, grounded, and confident in their day-to-day life

One final message for you…

I believe that you are always supported in love to pursue your goals independently — but if times right now feel too heavy to bear alone, the Healy may be just the ally you need right now.

Regardless of what you do next, know that I am always wishing you a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Sending many blessings for a wonderful journey ahead,


P.S. Want to chat with me first?

Sometimes we just need a little more clarity before investing in ourselves — and I totally understand that.

I’d be happy to help you see if Healy is right for you. If you have a question or would like to set up a call with me to explore Healy further, use the button below to send me a message. (Prefer email? Email your questions to me at [email protected].)