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Take command of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual evolution with the power of personalized quantum frequencies

My Healy Story

...and why I recommend Healy for all awakening humans in 2024

Saratoga Ocean, Independent Healy World Member


What is Healy?

Healy is an advanced, quantum frequency device that is unlike any other frequency device on the market. While most frequency devices are limited to applying pre-set protocols, Healy uses a patented quantum sensor to pull from millions of possible frequencies to give you exactly what you need right now – with no A.I. at all!

These frequencies can be applied in a variety of ways – from cell-energizing micro-currents to quantum information – depending on your needs.

The Healy also comes in multiple different editions. Each edition is equipped with a library of frequency programs that you can choose from to support you in all areas of your life – from things like sleep, stress-relief, mental clarity, pain, fitness, and skin, to many more like energy meridians, chakras, energetic protection, and personal and spiritual growth. The top-tier Professional Edition (my personal favorite) comes with over 200 unique frequency programs.

It has become more important that ever for each of us to take sovereign command of our experience at every level. Healy is a powerful, and truly holistic way to help you evolve your life in whatever areas you desire! It is my #1 recommendation for supporting awakening humans in this tumultuous time, when chaos is at an all-time high. This quantum frequency tool is an amazing ally on an awakening journey.

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Why I love Healy...

100% Personalizable

What sets Healy apart from every other frequency device on the market is its personalization. When you run a Healy program for sleep, it's not going to give you the exact same frequencies as everybody else. Instead, it's going to read your energy to determine exactly what frequencies YOU as an individual need right now.

A.I. Free

The Healy device and Healy apps are completely A.I. free! The Healy customizes your frequency programs using a patented quantum sensor that taps into the quantum information field. The frequency databases have been assembled by expert human practitioners with many years of experience in helping clients using frequency.

Convenient and Powerful

Some of the more well-known frequency devices involve large, complicated set-ups, or require you to physically travel to a qualified practitioner. Plus, none of them have Healy's patented quantum sensor that operates directly from the quantum information field.

Healy is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used throughout the day, both at home and out and about. No need to fit yet another task into your day. I use my Healy all day – while I'm working, exercising, relaxing, or even sleeping!

Quantum Support for Your Goals

While every model of the Healy can support you in areas of life that you wish to improve, the top 3 editions take it to a whole other level. The top 3 models come with access to an incredible tool: The Healy Analyze App. This app unlocks advanced information field technology in your Healy that allows you to get powerful insights and quantum support for your personal goals. The Professional Model includes an exclusive module called the "Coach", which is like having a law of attraction accelerator right in the palm of your hand.

Want to know more?

If you have questions or need help deciding whether or not Healy is right for you, tap the pop-up in the bottom right corner to send me a message directly, or email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help!
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Some Common Questions – Answered

Discover a New, Purposeful Income Stream

Using the Healy devices is an amazing personal journey in evolution, healing, and manifestation. But did you know that the Healy company offers a way to earn extra income, too?

If you have been searching for a way to add additional income streams, boost your offerings as a healer or coach, create more financial freedom, or even replace an unfulfilling job or career, then keep reading!

The Healy company not only offers the Healy devices and products for improving your own life experience, they also make it possible for you to share the Healy experience with others – while earning extra income.

There are 3 primary ways that you can do this:

1) Become an Affiliate

When you purchase your Healy, you have the option to become a member. When you sign up as a member, you get your very own affiliate link for Healy. You can use this link to share Healy with friends, family, etc., and you will receive a commission for every successful referral. Becoming a member is completely free, with zero obligations. You can share Healy at your pace, however much or little as you want!

2) Entrepreneurial Business Builder

Want to take it a step further? The Healy company also offers a generous compensation plan to members who share Healy and help others to do the same. This business model gives you the opportunity to not only earn affiliate commissions for your referrals, but build a team of other business builders like you. If you are looking to replace an existing job, this is an incredible opportunity for hard-working people who want to level up in their own lives and help others.

3) Bring Healy to Your Clients

Are you currently a healer, coach, or other type of practitioner? You can bring the experience of Healy and quantum frequency to your existing clients! Many coaches and healers around the world have added Healy sessions to their roster of offerings. With the Healy Analyze app, you have the ability to run information field scans and programs on clients, whether in person or long distance. (Plus, you always have the option to refer clients to get their own Healy, using your personal affiliate link.)

If any of these 3 options sound intriguing, send me a message and I'll be happy to share more detail with you!

I'm here to help!

If you're feeling intrigued, but you still have questions about Healy and how it can help you, I encourage you to reach out to me directly. You can send me a message by tapping the pop-up in the bottom right corner of this page, or email me at [email protected]

I'd love to help you figure out if Healy is right for you!

If you're ready to explore the Healy store, then just click the button below. But always feel free to return to this page and reach out if you need help!

Explore the Healy Store

PS - Need help navigating the Healy store and placing your order? Click here to watch a video tutorial that will walk you through how to place your first order.